MIR3 Emergency Alert System for Enterprise

Improve your business’s crisis management and communication

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Reliability and Speed

Provide critical information to your contacts when they need it most with MIR3’s effective, high-speed emergency communication system. With MIR3, you can initiate emergency alerts efficiently and reliably with a simple web-based process. Quickly determine key audiences to reach and send alerts to thousands of recipients at once, and by a wide variety of communication modes, reducing response times and saving lives and property.

Emergency Notification Capabilities

MIR3 provides reliable and effective emergency alerting capabilities to federal agencies, educational institutions and organizations of all sizes. The MIR3 platform was built from the ground up to reliably notify hundreds of thousands of people all over the world at once. It’s been tested, benchmarked and validated more than any other mass notification product, with years spent developing, adapting and perfecting it with enterprise customers.

Two-Way Communication is Key

One-way communication is no longer enough. MIR3 gives recipients the ability to respond in a variety of ways, providing critical information when you need it most. It automatically tracks message delivery and responses as they occur, helping you decide when to share more information, adjust your recipient group, initiate a quick conference call with key stakeholders or continue to gather information.


Security & Access Management

MIR3 makes it easy to control access and security by allowing you to define hierarchical, role-based permissions by divisions and subdivisions. This way you can allow or restrict user access to recipient groups, notification templates and other features. Recipients can choose a preferred mode of communication, but if needed, administrators can override those choices, and can allow users to respond with critical information in appropriate ways.

Infrastructure and Resilience

MIR3 has the most resilient infrastructure in the industry, with eight redundant data centers in remote locations. With a state-of-the-art telephony infrastructure that provides full fault tolerance to ensure important messages are delivered, MIR3 is known for quality, reliability and scalability.

User Management

Effective notification requires quickly determining who needs to know what, and adapting your message as contacts respond. MIR3 technology handles this complex task, rapidly launching messages with critical information to groups of any size, whether in one location or spread all over the world, when they need it most.