Reliable Communication and Collaboration for Small and Medium Businesses

Enhance workplace productivity and improve internal communication with high-speed, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), mass notification solutions

Communication is key to business success

For small or medium businesses, notification systems can act as a valuable tool for not only emergency alerts, but day-to-day management as well. For nearly two decades, OnSolve has been dedicated to providing high-speed mass notification solutions such as SmartNotice, optimized for small and medium-sized businesses. As these companies grow and expand, they often find that they need even more functionality and scale in their mass notification solution and OnSolve helps meet this need through MIR3, which exists specifically for very large organizations.


Energy and Utilities

The energy industry encompasses all aspects of the production and sale of energy products, including fuel extraction, manufacturing, refining and electrical distribution. Providers from small local producers that rely on SmartNotice to huge enterprises that rely on MIR3, energy and utility companies are responsible for one of the most critical portions of the US economy and infrastructure.

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Large healthcare facilities with thousands of employees require safe and secure solutions tailored to hospital or other clinical environments. Business continuity and patient well-being rely on protocols centered around proper communication practices. With a high-speed mass notification solution, your ability to keep healthcare providers and staff connected is easy and efficient.

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Both large and small manufacturers rely on a efficient supply chains and highly coordinated production operations in order to manage costs and to keep products flowing out the door. Solutions that enable all of the necessary pieces to remain in constant communication are critical to the flow of information that enables manufacturing companies to operate every day.

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Business continuity is initiated through communication

No matter the size of the organization, incidents can occur and the manner in which your personnel handle the situation can have a huge impact on the bottom line. Implementing a defined communication plan and infrastructure based on a solution like SmartNotice that is tailored to small- and mid-sized businesses, ensures the right people will be notified when they need to be. Mass notification software can be used to:

  • Notify IT management of a power outage or security breach to minimize data exposure protocol
  • Alert employees of critical meetings, important policy changes, office closures or even the presence of an active shooter or other threat in one of the company’s facilities
  • Keep customers and partners informed with updates about outages, planned maintenance and other important notifications

Streamline communication without sacrificing security

Your company is responsible for the security of your employees, buildings, systems and data. With SmartNotice from OnSolve you can be confident that your messages will be sent securely and reliably, with the ability to add security levels, like requiring a PIN access code to certain messages.

Article cover Mass Notification System Comparison – How Do Vendors Stack Up?

Mass Notification System Comparison – How Do Vendors Stack Up?

Deciding on a mass notification system vendor can be overwhelming. Whether you are deciding on a vendor for the first time or replacing a current system it may seem challenging to narrow down the choices.

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Key capabilities of SmartNotice

SmartNotice from OnSolve focuses on delivering targeted high-speed mass notifications through a variety of delivery paths simultaneously. Delivery paths include:

  • Landline
  • Cell phone
  • Email
  • Text message
  • Social media
  • Unique mobile applications
  • TDD/TTY services
  • RSS feed
  • And more

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