Complete Emergency Notification and Alerting with CodeRED

When seconds count, residents must be fully updated and informed

When seconds count, residents must be fully informed and continuously updated.

Using CodeRED, government agencies of all types can easily deliver geo-targeted, time-sensitive information to any individual opting into the service, using voice, email, SMS, IPAWS, and more. CodeRED has the longest history of successful implementations and innovation in the industry and is relied upon by thousands of clients throughout North America to deliver all of their critical communications and alerts. The fully redundant platform can deliver millions of messages at a time, through a backbone that provides the highest levels of reliability and speed in the industry.

Additional Distribution and Coverage with IPAWS

CodeRED is fully integrated with the Integrated Public Alert & Warning System (IPAWS) infrastructure from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The IPAWS solution enable CodeRED users to send alerts via the Emergency Alert System (EAS), Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Weather Radio, and other public alerting systems. This integration provides extremely important distribution channel for important information, augmenting other formats like voice and email.

Weather Warnings

Automating alerts based on official bulletins and warnings.

CodeRED Weather Warning delivers geo-targeted, automated alerts regarding severe weather immediately after a bulletin is issued by the National Weather Service. The automatic mass notifications are delivered via voice calls, text messages, emails, dedicated mobile applications, and more to subscribed users that may be impacted by the event. These messages provide recipients the time and information needed to effectively product lives and property.

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Hazmat Alerting

Communicating exactly what is needed during a Hazmat emergency.

CodeRED Hazmat Analytical and Alerting Service (HAAS), uses Tier II facility reported chemicals and quantities to model chemical behaviors in the event of an emergency. Shape files are created and stored, outlining worst-case and moderate-case scenarios to instantly alert those impacted, as early as possible.

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Mobile Alerting

Comprehensive mobile strategy to reach residents and visitors.

CodeRED includes two dedicated mobile applications designed to ensure you maximize the reach of emergency notifications. The CodeRED Mobile Alert app enables mass notifications to reach residents and visitors based on specific geographic boundaries using any type of data connection. The CodeRED Launcher app enables authorized users to create and send targeted messages from any Internet-connected device.

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Integrated Public Alert & Warning System (IPAWS) from FEMA

Additional distribution channels to dramatically increase reach.

Directly from the CodeRED interface, authorized users can send IPAWS messages across the entire IPAWS network. The single step, single launch process is the most efficient means to help reach the broadest audience possible during emergencies. CodeRED IPAWS has been deployed successfully across the country since 2011.

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Exceptional Support

Providing support for every possible issue 24/7/365.

Emergencies and other events can occur at any time and don’t adhere to normal business hours when the impact people's lives. The dedicated CodeRED support team is available 24/7/365 to support the distribution of all types of notifications and to help ensure critical alerts go out regardless of the circumstances. Every support expert has been thoroughly trained on all aspects of the CodeRED solution and related functionality like IPAWS, Weather Warning, and Hazmat Alerting.

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Some of CodeRED’s Critical Features

icon of a computer monitor in gray lines with blue arrows pointing right and left Reliably send messages through a SaaS solution with a complete web-based interface.
Icon of a sheet of paper in gray lines on the paper is a person icon and lines indicating writing in red Attach documents to alerts to provide recipients with additional information like photos of a missing individuals, event fliers, maps of affected areas, etc.
Icon of a bar graph in gray lines with one bar in yellow Reporting tools to track messages by open, format (email, text, etc.), responses, and more.
Graphic blue line art of arrows stacked and pointing right and left Two-way messaging to receive responses from residents, staff, and other stakeholders to gather information to improve additional notifications around a specific event.
Icon of a gray sheet of paper with lines on it and a green checkmark Poll and track responses via simple surveys using yes/no response options and through personalized text responses if enabled.
Graphic of gray crossed arrows pointing up and down, and left and right. Each arrow points to a yellow perpendicular line. Flexible delivery channels to send notifications through any preferred format to ensure message deliverability.
Graphic line art of a gray laptop with a red line graph on the screen View and track all responses in real-time, providing immediate details on additional information provided by recipients.
Icon of a computer and smartphone in gray lines Display messages consistently across all device types providing recipients with a fully consistent experience regardless of their preferred device.
Icon of a stopwatch in gray lines with a blue clock hand Set a pre-defined expiration time to keep information timely and relevant, with times ranging from 10 minutes to 24 hours.
Icon of an index card in gray lines containing an icon of a person in blue Manage contact information through a self-registration and management portal.
Icon of a map marketing in gray lines with a green circle inside of it Use geo-location to target notifications to only the regions impacted by a specific event.

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