Emergency Notification Solutions for Government and Public Safety Agencies

When seconds count, keep residents informed

Reliability and Speed

CodeRED from OnSolve enables you to deliver geo-targeted, time-sensitive information to those in need, via a multi-modal approach. The fully redundant platform is designed to deliver millions of messages at a time, through a backbone that provides the highest levels of reliability and speed in the industry. CodeRED has been battle tested and is relied upon by thousands of clients across North America, including more than 15 statewide implementations, to deliver their critical communications.


24/7/365 Dedicated Support

Emergencies don’t wait until normal business hours before they impact people’s lives. Our team of dedicated client support representatives are available 24/7/365, and have been thoroughly trained on all aspects of our mass notification products.

Weather Warnings

Severe weather occurs quickly and requires automated outreach

CodeRED Weather Warning delivers automated advanced warning of severe weather as soon as a bulletin is issued by the National Weather Service. The system delivers voice calls, text messages and emails to subscribed users within the direct path of the storm. These messages provide recipients extra time to take shelter or evacuate, which can save lives.

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FEMA Integrated IPAWS

Access the nation's integrated public alert and warning system

From the CodeRED interface, authorized users can send IPAWS messages via the Emergency Alert System (EAS), Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA), National Weather Service (NWEM), COG to COG, and through public alert feeds. The single step, single launch process is the most efficient means to reach the broadest audience during emergencies. CodeRED IPAWS has been deployed successfully across the country since 2011.

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Mobile Alerting

Comprehensive mobile strategy to reach residents and visitors

CodeRED deploys two public facing apps designed to ensure you maximize the reach of your notifications. The CodeRED Mobile Alert public safety app enables you to reach residents and visitors within specific geographic boundaries with free The CodeRED Launcher app enables agencies to create and send targeted messages from any Internet-connected device.

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Hazmat Alerting

Take the guesswork out of what to communicate during a Hazmat emergency

CodeRED Hazmat Analytical and Alerting Service (HAAS), uses your Tier II facility reported chemicals and quantities to model chemical behaviors in the event of an emergency. Shape files are created and stored outlining worst-case and moderate-case scenarios so you may instantly alert those impacted, as early as possible.

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Critical Features


When seconds matter, timely communications are critical to your success, but so is ensuring they are relevant to recipients. With the CodeRED community notification solution, not only are notifications easy to create and send, but they are geo-location specific. This allows you to define a specific area of notification ranging from a block, to a mile radius or an entire county – to ensure only those recipients impacted by events are notified. The combination of speed and relevancy helps increase your resident and employee adoption rates and the overall use of the system; ultimately ensuring your communications are successful at alerting, informing and affecting lives.

Modes of Delivery

The CodeRED solution can easily launch alerts to employees and residents through a variety of delivery methods, including voice, text, email, RSS feeds, IPAWS, the CodeRED Mobile Alert app push notifications, website widgets, social media, and more, all from one single interface.

Contact Management

When it comes to ease of use, CodeRED allows your residents to select the types of alerts they wish to receive (emergency and/or general notifications) along with their preferred means of notification from a single Community Notification Enrollment page. The platform was built to support and encourage multi-modial dissemination of alerts, enabling them via landline, cell phone, text, email, mobile app push notifications, and even across social media. Users control what they receive and how, empowering them while delivering the information they need, when they need it.

Recipient Response

We also recognize that effective communication requires two-way dialogue; therefore, CodeRED supports Two-Way Messaging. With two-way messaging you can communicate real-time, directly with staff to manage personnel to fill open shifts, dispatch additional resources, receive feedback from first responders on the scene, or even request feedback from residents regarding your local services and levels of community support and engagement. Communications don’t have to be limited to messages you want to push out, you can also receive valuable tips and insight back from members of your community or personnel to help empower your organization to become increasingly more responsive.

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