Overcoming Dynamic Risks to Strengthen Organizational Resilience at DRJ Spring 2022

If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that the nature of risk is dynamic and evolving. While an organization responds to one critical event, another is lurking just around the corner. Or worse, happening at the same time.

In a new Forrester Consulting study, commissioned by OnSolve, 99% of organizations reported experiencing some type of incident in the last 18 months. But what’s more alarming is that nearly three quarters of those respondents experienced two types of incidents and more than a third experienced three types of incidents. It’s clear that Business Continuity, Enterprise Risk Management and Physical Security leaders must find a way to keep up with a risk landscape that is growing in complexity.

One way to prepare for and mitigate the impact of known and unknown risks to your organization is to learn from industry experts and peers at the DRJ Spring 2022 industry conference, March 20-23 in Orlando. OnSolve is heading there with dynamic risk and resilience on our minds.

Deep Dive on Dynamic Risk

What is dynamic risk? A dynamic risk is a risk in which the ultimate harm is different than the initially expected harm. Dynamic risk is forcing organizations to think in terms of the impact of a critical event, instead of the event itself.

So what can organizations do? They can plan, train and equip themselves to strengthen their organizational resilience. Resilient organizations must be able to anticipate, prepare for, respond and adapt to incremental change and sudden business disruption to survive and thrive after a crisis.

If you’re interested in learning more, stop by OnSolve’s booth at DRJ Spring 2022. And make sure to join us for our sessions, including:

  • Achieving Operational Resilience in 2022: Lessons from Supply Chain Disruption and Other Dynamic Risks. You’ll be hard pressed to find an organization that hasn’t been impacted by supply chain disruption in the past two years. During their session, Matt Bradley, Vice President, Global Security Solutions at OnSolve and Brian Zawada, Chief Strategy Officer, Castellan, will discuss how businesses can transform their security and risk operations to get ahead of disruption this year.
  • Managing Threats in 2022: Dynamic Risk and the Rise of the Chief Resilience Officer. Dynamic risks are impacting multiple departments across organizations, yet research shows these risks are still managed in silos. During this session, Chris Hurst, Vice President, Global Technology Solutions, OnSolve, and Matt Bradley will explore the factors that are giving way to the introduction of the Chief Resilience Officer, and how companies need to reorganize their processes, workflow and structure to achieve organizational resilience.

Chris Hurst will also be participating in a panel discussion, Operational Resilience – Taking Your Business Continuity Plan to the Next Level, to explore how organizations can adapt operations as they face changing conditions.

Don’t miss your chance to hear more about what organizations can do to strengthen resilience in the face of dynamic risk. To register, visit the event page and be sure to follow all the updates on social media @OnSolve and via #DRJSpring.


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