OnSolve Announces Integration with ServiceNow® IT Service Management

The integration with the ServiceNow connector application allows organizations to improve collaboration and reduce IT incident response times

ORMOND BEACH, FL, December 5, 2018OnSolve, a leading global provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based critical communication solutions for enterprise, SMB, and government customers, today announced integration with ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM). The ServiceNow connector application automates IT incident alerts and reporting – in turn enabling organizations to reduce response times to IT incidents.

Organizations often spend more time organizing response teams and communicating about IT incidents rather than resolving them. With the ServiceNow integration, organizations can maintain open lines of communication before, during and after critical incidents by directly launching notifications to recipients from the ServiceNow ITSM platform with an OnSolve mass notification solution.

ServiceNow ITSM is a single cloud platform allowing customers to consolidate fragmented tools and legacy systems while automating service management processes. The flexibility of the OnSolve system allows users to define triggers for automated alerts or to initiate a notification manually – without ever leaving the ServiceNow interface. As a result, users can experience all the benefits OnSolve’s mass notification solution delivers:

  • Easily download the integration from the ServiceNow Add-On store with no coding needed.
  • Automatically assign individuals to an incident via multi-modal alerts with actionable response options.
  • Set up business rule automated alerts to quickly notify key personnel, customers and stakeholders of incident activity and important updates.
  • Receive responses back to assess availability and assist with incident assignments.
  • Maintain full transparency with detailed reporting across departments for key personnel.

“IT decision makers today often spend as much time organizing teams as they do resolving IT incidents,” said Daniel Graff-Radford, Chief Product Officer, OnSolve. “Combining the capabilities of ServiceNow IT incident management and the communication and collaboration tools from OnSolve can make the difference between a major and minor interruption.”

The integration with ServiceNow ITSM utilizes the OnSolve Open Notification Express (ONE) to connect an organization’s ServiceNow account to their Send Word Now/MIR3 account via RESTful API and SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol). For additional information on how the ServiceNow connector application can help your organization reduce response times to IT incidents, contact an OnSolve Representative today.

About OnSolve

OnSolve is a leading global provider of SaaS-based critical communication solutions for enterprise, SMB, and government customers. The company’s cloud-based software communications platform provides seamless and easy-to-deploy solutions for the exchange of critical information among organizations, their people, devices and external entities with use cases designed to save lives, enhance revenue and reduce costs. More information can be found on the company’s website at www.onsolve.com.

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